May 7th Regional Story Slams: Results

Yesterday's regional high school story slams at Club Passim were magically wonderful. What a great set of stories this year! Excellent work from all the storytellers and teachers.

Here is a quick update on the winners and their prizes:

8th,9th,10th slam                                                         

Jenna Walsh               8    Somerville            $25.00        honorable mention jr. high

Julie Stapleton            8    Somerville            $25.00        honorable mention jr. high

Julianna Grossman     9    Burlington             $100.00     storyteller to watch

Julio Valladares           9    Chelsea               $200.00      runner up

John Flynn                  10Worcester            $200.00      runner up

Lovety Monroe            9    Worcester            $200.00      runner up

Daxi Carballo               9    Chelsea               $300.00      1st


Senior Slam                                                                  

Jennifer Duran             12Lynn                     $250.00      3rd place

David Judkins             12Worcester            $500.00      runners up

Jared Vargas              12Lynn                     $500.00      runners up

Nicole Silvia                12Lynn                     $1,000.00   1st prize


We are still short on our fundraising goal. We do have a bridge loan so the students will be awarded but we could use the support - especially from the communities that participate.  Here's the link: Scholarship Awards for, please share.